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Clear data-driven decisions for intelligent pricing

There are few areas that can make or break the profit for the year. Among them, product pricing is the most impactful.

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The PRICE we promise MUST generate profit for us today, tomorrow and the rest of the year, while still beating the competition in growth.

We remove the guesswork.

We bring clear data-driven decisions, pricing transparency and control.

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Price Your Product Right

and increase profitability

Make better use of data points of supply chain network and increase operating margins and profit growth.
Compare how data points of supply chain are utilized with and without ClearD3.

Without ClearD3

Where to find relevant external data that will help me unlock value? There are thousands of data sources – where to even begin?

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Without ClearD3

There are thousands of available data sources – but where to find relevant external data that will help you unlock value?

Your pricing and profitability performance:

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