Navigating the rough waters of capacity problems caused by the Rhine draught

The drought of the past months in Europe caused the water levels of the Rhine River to diminish to unprecedented levels and now, in the final week of September, they are barely back to their normal.  Disrupting the cargo shipping industry, this is also leaving a negative impact on overall freight transportation…

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How do we know we have a pricing problem in transport?

Consider this scenario and think if it is familiar. Every day, customers request a quote from your commercial department. Pricing analysts and the commercial manager have a lot of experience in the market. They calculate the cost of all components: driver costs, paperwork, suppliers, toll, cleaning etc. Then…

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Just How Much Margin Does Your Transport Company Leave on the Table?

  In very stable environments the under-earned cash margin is nearly 3% of sales due to lack of appropriate (intelligent) pricing. In a more volatile environment, such as post-Covid, transport companies under-earn more than 10% of sales as a margin. Even without Covid, volatility in demand is large enough…

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Capacity Management: How to Find Capacity When Demand Is Out of Control?

“Pricing/demand is not an issue for us these days, we just can’t find capacity” was the most typical phrase that we heard during 2022, speaking with managers of customers and prospects. The Transport industry was hit by a massive shortage of capacity, including drivers, trucks, vessels and every other…

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Rebooting the Data-driven Revolution in Freight Transport

by: Rob van Doesburg, Founder, Transport Improvement Taron Ganjalyan, Managing Director, LINKS Analytics / ClearD3 Introduction Decision-making backed by data evidence promises to unlock incredible gains in the freight transport industry. Internet of things, blockchain, autonomous vehicles and advancements…

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