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ClearD3™ is the first B2B price-forecasting engine to address the need for generating better margins with intelligent pricing and capacity decisions.

Through using the available external data and modern technologies – Agent-Based Modelling of thousands of external supply chain data series and Machine Learning – we are helping our clients make impactful decisions and increase revenue.

The ClearD3™ implementation approach takes no additional resources, training or changes in processes and brings about a typical of 4-6% margin improvement with the same assets!

Fully Measurable Performance

The delivery of accurate pricing intelligence and objective forecasts by ClearD3™ is enhanced by our secure Test Lab environment, where the price forecasting undergoes a rigorous A/B Testing process.

Double-blind randomized trial environment

In a double-blind randomized trial environment, ClearD3™ prices a sample of your company’s product portfolio and compares the results with non-ClearD3™ transactions.

Hard statistical evidence

Running these tests gives hard statistical evidence showing exactly how the decision-making process adds value to your company’s revenue growth.

Improvement of gross margin

Results, assessed objectively using A/B testing, show an average of 4% improvement of gross margin revenues.

Achieve a New Level of Data Security

We start with the condition that ALL client data must always be owned by the client in their own cloud. At the same time, global supply chain or supply network data needs to be merged with the client data in order to generate valuable intelligence.

With ClearD3™, we strive to achieve the balance between security and performance by operating multiple database technologies in parallel. Network data and traditional data, which are held in fundamentally different types of databases, have to be able to interact without any compromise to performance or security. From an engineering perspective, this is a whole new level of data security and data management.

“The security of client data must be the default
it cannot be an afterthought.”
Vardan Alaverdyan, Chief Architect, ClearD3 B.V.

Line of Heritage

Today, the majority of pricing decisions is still based on historical sales data. With businesses being affected by constant change, historical data alone simply isn’t enough when making external-facing decisions like pricing. To address this issue, we built a platform that could aggregate thousands of external data points and interdependencies.

The answer is ClearD3, a new and reliable way to make the right pricing and capacity decisions to help you achieve higher margins.

Global Supply Network Data

The research and code underpinning ClearD3™ originates from our parent company LINKS Analytics and our decade-long expertise in using global supply chain and supply network data in intelligent decision-making.

Covering 92% of Global Economy

Our Machine Learning algorithms operate an agent-based modelling of today’s complex supply chain networks. The module comprises 70 industries in 40 countries with a coverage of about 92% of the global economy.

Over a Decade of Track Record

LINKS Analytics develops innovative data-driven solutions that support clients in intelligent decision-making in various economic contexts and navigate an increasingly volatile global environment. We have gained a leading position in applying agent-based modelling to commercial and financial markets.

Independent Validation

ClearD3™ has been validated by major financial institutions – professional teams with Assets Under Management over €100 billion. An independent evaluation based objective requirements:

  • Beating human analysts
  • Beating best available statistical methods
  • Generating superior performance on the basis of high-probability forecasts.

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